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Nutrition CounselingDid you ever suspect that there is more to this diet thing than you are being told? Ever wonder why you keep relapsing into old dietary habits, yo-yo dieting, and gaining and losing the same 15-20 pounds over and over again? Maybe you have health problems and have been told by your physician that you need to lose weight “or else”. The truth of the matter is, human nutrition isn’t as simple as eating a few frozen low-calorie dinners or downing supplements and weight loss drinks. These things are in fact a very large part of the problem with our modern diet, weight management and overall health. Unfortunately, due to the financial interests of those same food manufacturers and supplement companies, it is exceedingly difficult in our society to get the message out and to educate individuals about the vicious cycle that they are trapped in.

Our Dietary Rehabilitation Nutrition Program

This is why, after many years of working in the health care and sports nutrition arenas I have developed my Dietary Rehabilitation program. My nutrition program does exactly what its title states; it rehabilitates your from a lifetime of living in the modern food system.

As a client I will :

  • Show you the shortcomings of the modern diet
  • Explain how modern foods are specifically designed to trick your body into eating more food without feeling full (and thus allowing food manufacturers to sell more products to you)
  • Detail to you how your diet may actually be causing you to be sick and how to prevent it
  • Design a program individualized for you which will allow you to break free forever of the endless cycle of the modern diet
  • Re-program your body for the real, natural diet your body was designed to thrive on
  • Enable you to reach both your short and long term body weight and health goals and keep them permanently.

Yes, you can accomplish all of this without buying one single tablet, weight loss shake, protein bar, or cardboard boxed microwave lunch. I promise. Interested? Contact me via my contact page for your free nutrition counseling assessment.

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Sports Performance Nutrition Counseling

As an athlete, you have no margin for error. No matter what your sport, your body simply must be:

  • Leaner
  • Stronger
  • More Muscular
  • Faster
  • Have more endurance

than your competitor. If not you lose…and losing stinks. So why not give yourself an edge that your competitors don’t have access to? My Dietary Rehabilitation program can be tailored specifically for your situation to enable your body to perform at its maximum natural level, no matter the sport. To find out if the Sports Performance Package is right for you, send me a message via the “contact” page and I will be in touch promptly with a free assessment.

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