Certified Online Nutritionist

Online Nutritionist Matt Poteet Matt Poteet graduated with a B.S. in Biological Science from Lee University in 1998, and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University in Atlanta in 2004. Professionally he has been fortunate to hold positions on staff at two of the leading private, academic teaching hospitals in the southeast; Emory University in Atlanta and Vanderbilt University in Nashville. These opportunities allowed him unique opportunities for experiential education with conditions that are not seen in many of the other institutions in the country. Above all, his professional experience has afforded him the opportunity to become completely immersed in our modern health care system and truly grasp what is at the core of most of our society’s current chronic health problems.

Our Nutritionist’s Philosophy for a Healthy Lifestyle

It is Doctor Poteet’s belief that modern nutritional philosophy and the degradation of our food supply form the common etiology for many of our modern problems of chronic disease and obesity. As a certified nutritionist, he has developed this philosophy into unique intervention strategies which have helped numerous individuals overcome a lifetime of struggling with obesity and numerous diet-induced chronic diseases. His passion in life is to deliver this message to all that will listen in the hopes that a true understanding of nutrition will lead to greater health to those in need.

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