What is “dietary rehabilitation”?

It is a website devoted to the intellectual pursuit of the true nutritional concepts of human nutrition. It is our purpose to cut through all of the layers of marketing, hype, and deception that have taken over modern nutritional system and instead present human nutrition how it truly is. In doing so we will shatter many concepts held sacred by the mainstream, probably make more than a couple of people angry, and hopefully ultimately give the everyday person a fresh unbiased and very un-confusing look at the food we all take for granted but seemingly know so little about.

We will seek to examine the entire range of nutritional subjects, from the most basic premise of how we view our food, to weight loss, to current events in anti-aging, sports nutrition, nutrition wellness, prenatal nutrition, geriatric nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and just about any other nutritional topic under the sun. In the process I will share my philosophy on these topics and hopefully give the reader a new way and enlightening way of considering many subjects. This website is open to all opinions and free, civilized questions and lively debate are encouraged. It is my wish that we will all learn from one another as time passes. So once again I welcome you to the site. So once again, welcome!